This is 11 year old DJ, one of the many kids currently waiting for a mentor with BBBS. DJ lives with his mom and older sister, and rarely sees his father. DJ is a funny, spirited kid but he has been struggling at school and doesn’t have a lot of friends.

DJ enjoys basketball, skateboarding, soccer, football, going to the park, building things, playing Lego, cars, mechanics, and video games. Most of all, he loves trying new things.

DJ said he would like to have a Big Brother because there are mostly girls in his family and he would like a guy to hang out with. His mom reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters on his behalf, believing that a mentor would make a huge difference in his life. She is looking for a positive male male influence who can help provide the support she’s not able to give him since his father is not involved much.

DJ has been waiting far too long for that special someone to come into his life and give him the support he needs.


Meet 12-year-old Ibrar. Although he may seem a little shy when he first meets people, once you get to know him, you see that he’s an outgoing, inquisitive, friendly kid with a kind heart.

In 2011, Ibrar emigrated from Dubai with his mom, dad and two siblings. Since moving here, he has experienced teasing and bullying from kids at school.

Ibrar’s parents reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters for a mentor who can teach Ibrar about Canadian culture and introduce him to new things. Ibrar, like every kid, just wants a special friend who he can talk to and have fun with. Ibrar has now been waiting for that special friend for over 3 years.


Eight-year-old Tatiana is a polite, kind and inquisitive kid. She enjoys arts and crafts, animals, cooking and baking, and wants to open her own restaurant when she grows up.

Both Tatiana’s parents struggle with physical disabilities and aren’t able to play with her as much as they would like. Her mother is not able to work due to her condition, which has put a huge financial strain on the family. Tatiana also has two baby siblings, which has been a big adjustment for the family over the past couple of years.

Two years ago, Tatiana’s mom reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters for a mentor so that Tatiana would have someone to get out and play with and to help her to experience new things. Tatiana is still waiting for that mentor.